About Us

Who we are

  • Aviation professionals specializing in airworthiness with over 20 years of experience.
  • Former Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME’s) with experience in rotary and fixed wing aircraft.
  • Aviation Quality Assurance professionals, with experience in safety management systems, and risk management.

Where we come from

  • Airline maintenance operations, with experience in many areas. 705, 704, 703, 702, FTU’s and Private Operators, to mention a few.
  • Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMO’s) with experience with large and small propeller and jet powered, fixed and rotary wing aircraft including corporate and commuter aircraft.

What makes us special

  • Our explicit attention to safety and quality.
  • Our integrity and pride of work, that drives us to provide the professional service that we are proud of.
  • Our experience, knowledge and extensive training, ensures you receive effective, up-to-date solutions for your organization.
  • Our dedication to quality.

Where we are

  • Were located in Victoria British Columbia, Canada; but we are happy to travel anywhere you need us to!


How can we help you? Please call us anytime!