Aviation Consulting

What is an Aviation consultant?

An aviation consultant, or aviation advisor, aid aircraft operators and owners by providing various services to those owners and operators including engineering and design support services to crew certifications.

Aviation consultants may work with their clients on a daily basis as needed.  Generally, upon being contacted by a new client, an aviation consultant will perform a thorough needs assessment of the client to create an action plan.

Why should you hire an Aviation advisor?

Aviation advisors can provide relief in many situations.  For example, in the event of an aircraft accident, the aviation consulting firm can act in a public relations capacity.

Aviation consultants are also hired if the firm requires extensive aircraft repair work.  The aviation advisor can help determine the full extent of the repairs, as well as negotiate the cost of those repairs with suppliers.

What else can an Aviation consulting firm provide?

In addition to providing support during an accident or much needed repairs, aviation consultants may also be able to provide engineering assistance to industry designers.  For example, aviation consultants may be contracted to consult on the construction of airports, terminals and other flight related facilities.

While some aviation consulting firms provide assistance with airport design, others provide design services for aircraft parts design, as well as custom engineering and design for specific projects as needed by their clients.

What to expect from your Aviation consultant

Depending on your needs, and the project you need an aviation advisor for, different things could happen.  As suggested above, the first step should be a thorough needs assessment.  This is done by consulting all the stakeholders to determine what is required.  Once that consultation is done, and other consultation occurs with others who may have specific knowledge about the project, the aviation consultant will present to you their understanding of the situation and the recommended course of action.

If you agree to their assessment they will begin to break down the project into smaller parts, assigning values and completion dates to those steps.  Dollar values, if needed, will also be assigned.

It is important as a stakeholder that you fully understand and agree with their assessment, as well as fully understand the potential costs involved.

If you still aren’t sure if you need to hire the services of an aviation consulting, please click the contact us link above.  We can consult with you to help determine your needs and help you decide if you do in fact need to hire an aviation consulting firm.