About Us

Who we are

InspectAir’s Professional Aviation Consultants provide Airworthiness Consulting and Quality Management Services to Canadian aviation organizations, big or small, to improve their safety and regulatory compliance.

What we can do for you

  • Develop all the documentation required to initially obtain Transport Canada approval, and/or manage and amend the current documentation to continually assure your organizations regulatory compliance.  Such as Maintenance Control Manuals (MCM), Maintenance Policy Manuals (MPM), Maintenance Schedule Approvals and Quality Assurance programs.
  • Perform all aspects of your organizations Quality Management program including, development of the audit program, performance of internal or third party audits and Corrective Action Plan development
  • Prepare comprehensive compliance audits of an Air Operator’s aircraft maintenance control and tracking programs to ensure all OEM and regulatory requirements are appropriately incorporated.

Where we come from

  • Former Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME’s) with experience in rotary and fixed wing aircraft.
  • Aviation Quality Assurance professionals, with experience in safety management systems and risk management.
  • Airline maintenance operations, with experience in many areas. 705, 704, 703, 702, FTU’s and Private Operators, to mention a few.
  • Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMO’s) with experience with large and small propeller and jet powered, fixed and rotary wing aircraft including corporate and commuter aircraft.

Why work with us

  • Our explicit attention to safety and quality.
  • Our integrity and pride of work, that drives us to provide the professional service that we are proud of.
  • Our experience, knowledge and extensive training, ensures you receive effective, up-to-date solutions for your organization.
  • Our dedication to quality.

Where we are

  • We are located in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
  • We travel extensively throughout Canada as we have clients from coast to coast and are happy to assist you in any province.

Please let us know how can we help your aviation organization

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